Logo, Branding & Identity

Branding your business is more valuable than any service or product you provide

What exactly is branding? Branding is a lot more than a cool company logo design. Your brand is more valuable than any service or product you provide. Your brand is the symbol that loyal customers will identify with, stick with for life, and recommend to their friends. A company that stays true to its core values and relates to them consistently also has better employee retention and better customer service. Be emergent. If you tie your brand name to the right cultural and social movements you can quickly distinguish your business by creating a unique brand identity and your own space in the marketplace. This is called being a category changer; by redefining the archetype of your service or product you can eliminate competition rather than chase it. We’re here to advise you on building the right corporate identity and brand personality, reputation, mission, customer service and loyalty programs that make good companies great.


  • Strategic brand planning & consultation
  • New product/brand launches
  • Brand revitalization
  • Brand discovery
  • Naming (corporate and product)
  • Logo design and tagline development
  • Graphic standards (print and online)
  • Corporate branding & brand standards
  • Business cards, letterhead & envelopes
  • Complete ownership of design and rights
  • Reputation Management