Logo, Branding & Identity

Branding your business is more valuable than any service or product you provide

What exactly is branding? Branding is a lot more than a cool company logo design. Your brand is more valuable than any service or product you provide. Building your brand is the fist and most vital step of creating an equitable and lasting company. Your verbal and visual messaging needs to empathize with your customers’ wants and needs, ring true to them, and be consistent in its every iteration. We have developed a process to help you empathize with your ideal buyers and speak to how you can relieve their pains. We then synthesize your brand and its core offerings to create the vision and expectations you want to set for your customers and your call to arms and action that positions and differentiates you from your competitors and motivates your ideal buyers to put their trust in you.

Your brand is the symbol that loyal customers will identify with, stick with for life, and recommend to their friends. A company that stays true to its core values and relates to them consistently also has better employee retention and better customer service. Eliminate competition rather than chase it. We passionately believe that everyone has a story to tell and when your brand can genuinely and compellingly tell that story to people, it will always find an audience. We’re here to advise you on how to build the right corporate identity and brand personality, reputation, mission, customer service and loyalty programs that make good companies great ones.


  • Strategic brand planning & consultation
  • New product/brand launches
  • Brand revitalization
  • Brand discovery
  • Naming (corporate and product)
  • Logo design and tagline development
  • Graphic style guide (print and online)
  • Corporate branding & brand standards
  • Collateral, brochures, business cards, letterhead
  • Brand manifesto & communication guide
  • Reputation management