The Octopus

The Agency Alter Ego

Why it’s crucial to have an octopus on your team


The octopus is so cool so he can inhabit diverse regions of the gigantic ocean. That’s pretty awesome when you want to be the ruler of the marketing ocean you’re swimming in or want to expand to new, deeper water. We can get you exactly where you need to be, wherever that is! With an impressive number of legs as support we will grow your business and expand your presence in the market. We have a variety of diverse and comprehensive services, so we can solve any marketing task, and work with your company no matter what field you’re in.
The Agency Octopus


With an extraordinary amount of awesome arms the octopus will never stop moving. Instead of working harder, we work smarter, putting all our tentacles into motion to take care of all your needs to make your business move forward. Did we mention that jet propulsion is the octopus’ fastest mean of locomotion? So you’ll be sure to get measurable, significant results at the speed of light…jet propulsion!


The octopus is highly intelligent, actually pretty much the smartest one out there, so you can trust the octopus’ (and our) expertise and experience to guide you through the branding and advertising process while solving even the most complex marketing problems you’re facing (those multidisciplinary tentacles come in handy). See, that’s pretty smart!

Creative strategies:

Did you know that an octopus can regrow damaged limbs? That’s right! Maybe your business is suffering, but we can bring it back to life. We’ll make sure no parts are missing in your new strategic marketing plan. We will make your brand stand tall among them all, maybe even with a little bit of super powers. Our work and solutions for you come out of creative ink clouds that will stun your competitors and make them fear for their own survival.


With the incredibly keen eyesight of an octopus we’ll gain insight into your business and challenges and are able to focus on your needs and make sure that your vision is crystal clear too.


You haven’t seen nothing yet; Our team can shrink into impossible sizes and fit through any crack! Or wait, is that actually the octopus? All we know is that we are extremely versatile and flexible in shaping our methods to help adapt your brand into the form that is best for you – and therefore us.

Monster of the deep? Maybe a little bit:

We know that your first meeting with an octopus might have been a little scary. We mean, we all know that Ursula isn’t the Little Mermaid’s best friend – a purple/grey ish skin in itself just asks questions. And no one is doubting if Doc-Oc’s intentions are the less jolly kind with those black shades and suspicious long cape. We’ll probably make your competitors wet their suits too, but the Agency octopus is your friend. And the coolest one you’ll have. With eight strong and ambitious arms to support you and three hearts (technically our team has more) to work wholeheartedly on your every project, you are all covered and ready to take everyone’s breath away, while you don’t run out of oxygen yourself.