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Our Alchemy – turning your brand into gold

When you sign on with The Agency; you have a partner and a friend. We are here to bounce ideas and growth strategies off of. We want to talk with you about how to work smarter and not harder. We want to be a part of the excitement as your brand messages and image combine with your advertising to grow your sales and strengthen your business.

We become a committed member of your staff that cares immensely about meeting your internal and external goals. We are here for you to text message or call at any time and we have excellent reporting and status update protocol. We truly work with you; and therefore an open, friendly and productive relationship is what we work to build.


We like you and we want you to like us. At The Agency, we only take on good companies or marketing campaigns that we believe in. We want to get to know you and your business because we believe real connections are crucial for business growth and development. The more we interact with you and the more we talk with you about what is working and what is not, the more successful we both become. In fact, as part of our process we like to audit your current situation before making recommendations for your future marketing strategy as scientifically as we can. We become an integral part of your marketing team and work as an extension of your staff to help you meet and exceed your goals. We aim to establish a relationship where everyone is comfortable enough to offer praise and criticism in a mutually shared productive spirit. That’s how synergy happens. Don’t be surprised if we ask you to lunch just to share a meal and laughs… no shop-talk included. At The Agency, chemistry matters in two ways: our chemistry with you and your chemistry with your audience.

Base Elements

Accountability and Results. It’s what’s for dinner… and as it may be, lunch. Achieving goals and getting results is what puts food on the table. We understand that. Branding your business and getting your name and message out in this media saturated environment is tough and the changing economy means less money and time with which to experiment. We don’t want to waste either of your resources. This is why we aim at efficiency, start with a methodology and then measure results. Your ROI is our top concern. Meteorology isn’t an exact science and neither is marketing but that doesn’t mean we can’t give you a forecast and measure the rain. The right marketing strategy is a mix of the concrete and the subjective. There are many elements in the marketing equation; our job is to balance and solve that equation for you in the most effective and efficient way. In an age where the digital market is growing, responsiveness is key. A timely well-placed word can send a brand or message into outer space and around the globe. In addition to looking at results, we like to stay connected and touch all the bases often to make sure we don’t miss our clear shot into space.

The Spark

Work smarter not harder. This is the big idea! Creating and placing the message that gets leads and attention: water cooler talk, viral clicks, happy hour jokes, touching moments, dinner conversation and the recommendations of neighbors is our goal every time. If you have a great message, placement and follow through you can save some elbow grease by sliding in where others try to hammer through. We rely on the supreme creative talent, experience and intellect of our crew and are also happy to hear your ideas. Our strategists, designers and photographers have an innate sense of what speaks to the eye and are constantly studying why people do what they do and what cues spur decision and action. You can be chosen because your message is the most grabbing not because it’s the most available. Let’s make fireworks!

Our Team

Kersten Conklin
Owner & Client Relations

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Jerry Stahl
Owner & Client Relations

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Mark Biller
Creative Director

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Mary Mac Stallings
Brand Director

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Heather Hodge
Social Media Director

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Kelsey Kline
Graphic Designer

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Haley Wightman
Account Manager

Berrie Walker
Graphic Designer

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Audrey Morgan
Social Media Manager

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Lindsay Conklin
Copywriter & Translator

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Intern Octo
Internship Spirit Animal

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Mr. Finn
Director of HR

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Our Clients

Relationships, partnerships and success define us

  • Unknown Brewery
  • Wipe Out Waste
  • Charlotte Water
  • Rhino Shield
  • CNP Tech
  • Coats
  • Jané USA
  • Argos Real Estate
  • Punch Alert
  • Carmel Foot Specialists
  • Mecklenburg County
  • Master Solutions
  • All Green Recycling
  • Preston & Partners
  • MySuite CoWorking Place
  • United Global Technologies
  • Horizon Eye Care
  • Tom Johnson Camping
  • Carolina Asthma & Allergy Center
  • Frankies Fun Parks
  • ICA Shows
  • Leaf Guard Gutters
  • LW Land Sales
  • Auger & Auger Attorneys
  • Search Solution Group
  • Beds For Kids
  • Storm Water Services
  • Street Level Media
  • Water Watchers
  • Charlotte NC Tours
  • National Cable Techs
  • Party Pedaler
  • Revita Medical Wellness
  • Closet & Storage Concepts