Your Weekly Social Media Update – July 24

Social Media updates- June 3 (4)

An important part of managing all of your business’ social media accounts is knowing all that you can do with them. Every week updates are rolling out and new programs are being launched. It can be a lot to take in and wrap your head around. Luckily, we are here to make things a little easier.

Here are this week’s updates with the potential to help your business:


1. Google Hire

Google has announced the launch of Hire, a new service that helps businesses streamline their recruiting process. Hire is integrated into Google’s G Suite business software and gives employers the ability to collaborate in the hiring process.

Takeaway for your business:

With Hire, you can now build up a database of potential employees and track them at multiple stages of the interview process all in one place. It also allows you to export the information into Sheets. This cuts down considerable time moving information from place to place.

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2. Facebook Ads Targeting Households

Facebook announced that for the upcoming holiday season they will be displaying relevant ads to your whole household. Using the relationships that are declared on Facebook and other information such as where you are accessing the internet, Facebook can determine that you are in the same house.

Takeaway for your business:

Although it may seem a little invasive, it can only improve your business. Younger generations are not the only ones consuming ads and purchasing products online. Parents consist of more than 50% of internet shoppers. This is important because instead of posting an ad directly to someone’s son or daughter, the ad would be posted to their parents or other relatives as a gift idea.

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3. Facebook Modifying Link Previews

In an effort to reduce the spread of false information on their site, Facebook is no longer allowing the editing of link previews. In the past, it was possible to edit the title and description of the article you are linking to, essentially creating “click bait”. Facebook is doing away with this feature.

Takeaway for your business:

Posts scheduled to go out with edited previews will revert back to whatever Facebook is programmed to publish. If you’re publishing a blog on your website, make sure the title, cover photo, and subtitle are all correct on the back end. That way, when your blog is shared, it appears exactly how you intended.

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4. Snapchat Upgrades Video Recording and Photo Editing

The first part of Snapchat’s update is the introduction of the Tint Brush. This new feature gives you the ability to change the color of any part of your picture to fit your creative needs. The other aspect of this update is Multi Snap. Before Multi Snap you could only record 10 second long snaps. This update allows you to record for a whole 60 seconds without interruption.

Takeaway for your business:

With these updates, you can now add your business’ personal touch to your messages with consistent colors that fit your brand. The addition of minute long videos gives you much more freedom than being limited to 10 seconds snippets.

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Social Media Tool of the Week 

If you are looking to improve the quality of your Instagram account, look no further than VSCO. VSCO is essentially Instagram editing on steroids. Instagram only has so many filters and options available and they have grown overused over the years. VSCO offers a various range of filters and editing tools that you can’t find on other mobile apps. It is perfect for polishing up your old pictures to be more eye catching and stand out on your audience’s feed.

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